With three boys under age six, Kristin and Chris Davidsson have their hands full. Add two demanding careers to the mix—she’s in fashion, he’s in finance—and free time is hard to come by.

As a fashion executive, Kristin’s job is to look forward; trend forecasting and fashion shoots have her constantly eyeing what’s coming down the runway next. A weekend home in Amagansett helps the Davidsson family stay focused on the present.

“When we come out here, we have a totally different lifestyle,” Kristin says. They turn off their cell phones upon arrival, ushering in a shift from the mindset of Manhattan to the slower, more focused pace of Amagansett. Kristin and Chris cite the local surf culture—casual, playful, weather driven—as their guide.

The breaking waves create beautiful background noise and their city boys enjoy all the sand and sky. The only decision that needs making is whether to start with surfing or swimming.

Most days involve the beach and most trips to the beach involve a merry mix of sand castle sculpting, shell collecting, boogie boarding, and Frisbee. Sun drenched and salt stained, the family of five returns to a home in which the ethos of connection is built in the foundation. The modern wood paneled house has an open floor plan that makes entertaining easy.

With skylights and large sliding doors, the soothing sights and sounds of nature are never far. The house facilitates what Kristin calls “this really fantastic indoor-outdoor living.” The boys spend most of their time romping around out back, soaking up experiences that aren’t easy to come by in Manhattan.

Laying the foundations for closeness is very important to the Davidssons. As Kristin says, “This house is really about our family and getting crucial time together at this stage in our lives.” The house isn’t just a place to gather, it’s a place to grow together.

Kristin Davidsson’s Hamptons Shortlist

Best ice cream is at John’s Drive-In in Montauk.

On a Saturday night you’ll find me and my husband Chris out at a restaurant for dinner in Montauk. We leave the kids at home with a sitter, and spend some quality time together. We’re huge seafood lovers, and Inlet Seafood in Montauk is our favorite.

This summer, I’m excited to visit the Amagansett Walking Dunes. It’s a public park with rolling dunes and great views. It’s pretty quiet and a great spot to watch the sunset.

Without fail, one thing we’ll do before Labor Day is go to Swallow East Restaurant in Montauk on Sundays for the live reggae band—the kids love to dance to the music.

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