Focusing on criminal defense law and personal injury, attorney Michael Rubin spends his days running from courtroom to courtroom with a quick stop at the office in between. It’s a job that requires him to focus on other people’s problems and, given the high stakes, stress is inevitable. Visiting the Hamptons each weekend allows him to disconnect—and recharge.

“When I get out to my house, I open up a beer, get out of my work clothes, and put on some music,” Michael says of his weekend spot in East Hampton, before adding, “My only responsibility is finding a way to enjoy myself for the weekend.”

Michael designed the house with comfort in mind—there’s a movie room and a large open kitchen for entertaining. “Renting all sorts of different houses before I bought helped me learn exactly what I wanted in a house,” he says. In the backyard there’s a hammock with a wind chime and towering trees; many an afternoon are spent lazing around.

His dog Harry, a lab mix, is equally excited to arrive in East Hampton since it means romping around the yard all day and swimming in the ocean whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Michael enjoys the privacy and quiet. The only sounds he can hear from his bed are birds chirping and insects buzzing. If there’s going to be loud noise, he’s making it on his guitar and not fending complaints from annoyed neighbors. “In Manhattan you rattle a pot and pan and someone hears it,” he says. “Out here, if I want to play some loud music, I can’t possibly bother my neighbors.”

“My work entails a lot of reading and writing,” Michael says. “But, when I come out to the East End I have the opportunity to relax that part of my brain and indulge in my creative side.” Jam sessions with fellow musical friends occur on most weekends.

The beautiful winding roads are perfect for riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle. And while there’s sufficient privacy, Michael reports that his street definitely has a community feel. “In New York you can share a wall with someone and never even know their name,” Michael says. “That just doesn’t happen out here.” On his block in East Hampton, everyone knows each other’s names, there are regular barbecues, and they trade tools for gardening projects.

While initially gardening seemed like just another chore to check off the week’s to-do list, Michael has found he enjoys getting his hands dirty. Picking plants and pruning blooms is a welcomed reprieve from a job with high stakes and higher stress.

The greenery and fresh air help Michael decompress and re-center so that when Monday rolls around, he’s invigorated rather than exhausted. “It’s almost as much of a mental destination as a physical one,” Michael says. “I come out here to free my mind and revel in the open spaces.”

Michael Rubin’s Hamptons Shortlist

I know I’ve arrived when I pass The Lobster Grille Inn. It’s a welcoming landmark that’s been there for as long as I’ve been coming out to the Hamptons.

My favorite beach is Town Line Beach in Wainscott. It’s quiet, unspoiled and incredibly beautiful.

For brunch, I always head to Provisions in Sag Harbor. It’s an all-natural, organic cafe.

To catch a good sunset I go to The Surf Lodge in Montauk.


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