Real Estate Agents Dish on Their Most Over-the-Top Deals

Every real estate agent is a trove of stories — the home runs, the strikeouts, the big ones that got away, and the little victories that make it all worthwhile. But there’s always that one offbeat adventure that stands out, and one closing that seems particularly triumphant. For this exclusive series, we chatted with five of Corcoran’s finest, who opened up about their most “unreal” deals.

Kenny Blumstein recalls a outlandish Bohemian hideout in the West Village.

Steven Cohen convinces five co-op owners to sell their townhouse to a country. 

Lauren Rosenthal is dedicated to the data and helping her mystery client find the right home, or five. 

Jeff Gardner makes the most of a derelict listing and proves you can fix almost anything. 

Alice Corporan pedals her way through Clinton Hill at midnight to her client’s rescue.

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