2018 Home Design Forecast: 6 Trends to Watch

Now that 2018 is here, you may be thinking it’s time to make a new start with your interiors. But where to begin? To help ensure your home stays on-trend, Alessandra Wood, director of style for online design service Modsy, offers this design forecast, based on the site’s user algorithm and customer requests and purchases. Here are six trends to watch this year:

Contemporary Collector

Styles that combine the comfortable with the eclectic are on the rise. “Contemporary Collectors love inviting furniture that is perfect for lounging,” Wood says. “Atop the comfortable base, you’ll find layers of eclectic art, accessories, pillows and rugs that add pops of color, pattern and texture to the space while revealing the personalities of those who live there.”

Inviting Industrial

In 2017, the online design service saw an uptick in intimate, lounge-inspired spaces and believes that style will continue to trend. “The Inviting Industrial style is about a trendy, urban-loft look mixed into a welcoming space,” Wood says. “You don’t have to live in a loft to achieve this look—think steel accents, reclaimed wood and large pops of modern art.”


Velvet for seating and accessories is also making a comeback, according to Modsy. “Pillows are a great way to layer in this texture and create luxe vibes in your space without investing in a new sofa,” Wood advises. “While it’s trendy, velvet can also have staying power if you choose the right color: Opt for neutral colors in a vintage velvet finish.”

Black-and-Gray Marble

Luxe trends from the ’70s and ’80s are returning, too, especially black-and-gray marble as an accent. “Using black marble on tabletops and consoles feels familiar because it’s marble but creates unexpected drama,” Wood says. “It’s slightly more unique and certainly a statement piece, which aligns with how people are curating their own spaces.”

Dramatic Walls

For walls, Modsy envisions bold colors and whimsical wallpapers, such as those from Fornasetti. “One of my favorite designers!” Wood says. “I think we’ll also see richer wall colors to balance out the bold furniture choices of 2018.”

Statement Pieces

Finally, Wood believes layered statement pieces are what 2018 interior design is all about. “Calling back to the theme of your home being a haven from the world, consumers are becoming more discerning with the pieces they’re investing in. This doesn’t mean they all need to be splurge pieces—affordable retailers such as CB2 and West Elm are launching beautifully designed pieces and artist collaborations that are sure to be topics of conversations among guests.”

All photos provided by Modsy.

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