How to Throw a Stylish Dinner Party In Your New Home

For a recent dinner party, Domino magazine and interior designer Nathan Turner took over one of Corcoran’s townhouse-style condos at Pierhouse in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The home is the perfect canvas for a party. It features 18-foot ceilings and reclaimed pine floors in the living space, and Calacutta Tucci marble countertops and American walnut cabinets in the kitchen. But until you get to know a space, throwing a party can seem challenging. “Moving into a new place is fun and exciting, but it can also be stressful,” Turner explains in the Domino video. “But believe it or not, it’s also the perfect time to entertain.” Below, Turner shares how you can put together a stylish and hassle-free dinner party in your new home—in less than 12 hours.

Make a Statement

To personalize an undecorated space, Turner recommends applying wallpaper. “I know this sounds insane—you’re going to wallpaper your house the day of a dinner party, [but] this is removable wallpaper. You just have to do one wall, it gives you a whole lot of punch, and it can peel right off.” For the party at Pierhouse, Turner used Pacifico Palm, a wallpaper from his collection with Wallshope.

Create a Focal Point

For even more personalization, and to draw attention to one area in the room, Turner suggests displaying a large-scale piece of art. “I love how casually a painting or photos can be just leaned up against a wall,” Turner says, “and I can layer them with smaller pieces or just leave it as is.” Need help curating a personal art collection? Uprise Art will curate and present a personalized selection of works based on your space, style and budget.

Stage the Table

To create a unique table-scape, mix and match tableware. Here, Turner used matte-black chargers from World Market, and Jackson Pollock-inspired plates from Hawkins New York. He also added flowers and foliage to the table in copper vases from CB2. “There’s nothing worse than peering around, trying to make conversation, and there’s all kinds of nonsense in the way,” Turner explains. “So a great little floral tip is put your elbow on the table, and your arrangement should never be over the height of your fist—unless you’re a basketball player, and then you can lower it a little bit.”

Order Takeout

Don’t feel like obligated to actually cook the food you want to serve at your dinner party. For the event at Pierhouse, Turner ordered takeout sushi and poke and set up a self-service buffet. To make sure the food looks as stylish as the décor, Turner recommends using platters and footed bowls. “If you don’t have any kind of footed pedestal, you can use a cake stand. If you don’t have that, take a bowl, turn it upside down, and just put your platter on it.” Turner also added height by placing floral arrangements at the buffet that matched the flowers on the dining table.

Dim the Lights

To create the perfect dinner-party atmosphere, turn off all overhead lights, switch on a lamp or two and light some candles. “Because everyone looks good in candlelight,” Turner says. “And remember, I did this all in a day, from the décor to the tabletops to the takeout. It could not be easier. It’s really important to make it your own and infuse your own personality into your space.”

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