The Want List: Spring Cleaning Must-Haves

The pigment is returning to the grass, and the tips of future daffodils are budding from the earth. This means two things: The most welcomed turning of seasons is upon us, and it’s time to tidy up your place.

As much as we welcome Daylight Savings in open embrace, it also means that light shines even longer into your impeccably-decorated abode, meaning you’ll want to be extra sure there’s no dust sparkling in the sun when you host the season’s first soiree.

While it’s certainly a chore, spring cleaning can also be a liberating ritual. Here are some game-changing goods to have on hand.

Dyson V7 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

The Dyson vacuum follows through on the promises all your other vacuums vowed but failed to perform. Engineered with a flexible rotating head, no corner of your house is off limits—and no dust mite is spared. Besides leaving herringbone hardwood floors crumb-free, you may also find yourself vacuuming for the mere meditation of it. (Have you heard a Dyson in action?)

$399 at Dyson

Dot & Army Unpaper Towels

A consequence of scrubbing and wiping can be a lot of waste. Luckily, this bit of eco-friendly engineering helps you resist the roll of disposable paper towels with a reusable alternative. Pardon your torn up Whitesnake concert tee from rag duties and repurpose it as a rightful vintage keepsake: These purpose-built rags are machine-washable and mighty absorbent, thanks to their 100% organic cotton waffle weave texture.

$15 (set of 15) at Food52

Kitchenware Mamison Quality Rubber Gloves

The hands you tirelessly kept hydrated all winter don’t need to meet their dry doom as you scrub the bathtub. That’s why a good pair of gloves is essential for any project involving muck. Google “chic cleaning gloves” into Google and you’ll be met with little to no results. These thick latex Mamison gloves, however, balance function with a form that doesn’t ruin the mood of the Le Creuset grill pan you’re scrubbing.

$5.90 at Amazon

Amber Glass Spray Bottle, 8oz

Doing a dilution or DIY concoction? These handy bottles are great to have on hand for every homemade batch of chemical free, organic cleaning tinctures you can come up with. They’re available in multiple sizes and have that down-to-earth aesthetic, meaning you’ll always want a few in your cleaning closet.

$6.50 at Humble Earth Co.

Roborock S7+ Robot Vacuum

Can’t decide whether to wipe or sweep that spill? Roborock’s smart S7+ mop-vac does both, with powerful vacuum capabilities and a 300ml water tank that can mop up to 2,150 square feet in a single session. The docked dustbin can weather up to 120 days of dirt before you need to muster the energy to dispose of it. Kick your feet up and save the arm workout for pilates.

$949.48 at Roborock

Wipe Out Pivoting Squeegee

If your TikTok algorithm hasn’t led you to the oddly satisfying side of squeegee-tok, we first recommend a virtual detour to acquaint yourself. Nevertheless, the cleaning capabilities of this unassuming tool is downright inspiring. With one of these ergonomically-designed ones, you’ll keep your tile backsplash and glass shower doors absent of splatter stains and shining like the top of the Chrysler Building.

$10.99 at Fullcircle

The Entry Set

Spring cleaning is about setting yourself up for success. An influx of open-toed shoes, aquatic accessories, and gardening tools is inevitable. Why not take preemptive steps to stave off the imminent clutter?  Keep your belongings neat, tidy and sitting pretty right where you left them in a set of storage bins that won’t compromise your interior design style. SortJoy’s Entry Set keeps your gardening Tevas out of sight, and it’s the perfect organizer for a bouquet of beach towels.

$272 at Sortjoy

Ready to get started? Read our tips on what to tackle first.

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