The communities we serve are feeling extraordinary pressure — pressure that’s likely to get much worse before it gets better. Corcoran is helping.

Since its inception, Corcoran Cares, has raised over $4 million for worthy charities in New York City, on the East End of Long Island, and across South Florida. Today, while Corcoran’s charitable arm will continue to support these organizations, the COVID-19 crisis requires us to expand our view. The situation is putting extraordinary pressure on the communities we serve — pressure that’s likely to get much worse before it gets better. Even as we contemplate our own challenges during this time, I believe it’s incredibly important that Corcoran’s agents and employees come out strong for our core markets. There are many charities in need, but I have asked our team to focus on those delivering food and resources at the local level — organizations whose work directly benefits the neighborhoods, villages, towns, and cities we call home. On behalf of all of us, I hope you’ll consider joining the effort.

In New York City…

On the East End…

Across South Florida…

There’s something else you can do, and it costs absolutely nothing. Social distancing and shelter-in-place rules are creating a legitimate crisis of loneliness in America — not only for the millions of workers who are about to enter their third week in isolation but for the millions more, particularly seniors, who live alone all year. I urge you to create a list of the people in your life who might benefit from a quick hello, and then make some calls. The effort might mean the world to someone.

Thanks, and stay healthy.

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