The Want List: Six Urban House Plants That Thrive

Dangles of Pothos add an air of serenity inside 450 3rd Street 2L, located on a leafy block of Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood. Photo: Allyson Lubow

Some plants are hardy. Some plants thrive in the corners. Some plants are best for the city-dwellers. These are those plants.

No matter the obstacle for your interior oasis, be it a high-rise erected before your south facing windows or frequent bucolic jaunts out of the city or the composting remains of past growing efforts, there’s a resilient plant waiting to refresh the air of your urban abode.

1. Spider Plant

Ribbons of green cascade over terracotta pots to make an ethereal entrance out of your foyer. Faring well in both shade and partial light, spider plant placement has options. Freshen up the look of a bathroom or ornament the corners of a master bedroom with a hanging basket.

2. Pothos

Adorn the top of your antique hutch with a draping curtain of pothos. This easy to grow houseplant adds a greenhouse element to the dining room. Not only does its variegated leaves boast a delightful swirl of green hues, the plant is also a dignified air purifier, keeping rooms fresh for a season of soirees.

3. Meyer Lemon

Invite the orchard indoors with a fruit plant that glows with vibrancy. While most houseplants are aesthetically pleasing air purifiers, a Meyer Lemon tree takes it a step further and provides a homegrown accoutrement to adorn your cocktail. Keep summer in stock on your window ledge whether you live above the city of White Plains or in the tropic environment of Palm Beach.

4. Weeping Fig Tree

Unfortunately you will not grow figs, which is perhaps why the tree weeps. But sorrow aside, this tall piece of greenery has the ability to decorate an Asbury Park apartment with tropical flair. Climbing to 6-feet indoors, you’ll feel like you invited the forest into the living room. In a pleasing, one-with-nature kind of way.

5. Snake Plant

Stiff leaves slither upwards from the soil creating the illustrious snake plant. Popular for its drought resistance (in some cases you can go up to 2 months without watering) and low-light tolerance, the snake plant is a low-maintenance wonder that can add a natural touch to a dim office. Just keep it away from Fido and Garfield. It won’t bite, but it is toxic to dogs and cats.

6. Prayer Plant

With bold pink veins, the prayer plant pops in a sea of sage. You’ll want to display this stunner in an equally eye-catching pot in indirect spot—er, sunlight. Will you stare at this plant regularly? Want to stay home to be in its presence? Yes. Which is good because it will need frequent watering.

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