The Want List: Alternatives to the TikTok-Viral Tumbler

Because variety is the spice of life (and it’s probably sold out anyway), consider these other stylish options instead.

What you mean it’s just a cup? Your everyday drinking vessel — the one you clutch crossing streets, rest beside your workstation all day, and sip from in traffic as you jam out like no one’s watching — is part of who you are!

Whether you’re looking to stand out from the crowd or simply can’t get the goods you saw on TikTok, these other straw tumblers are all chill options for sipping on the go.

BrüMate Rotera

BrüMate’s Era straw tumbler is more or less a minimalist doppelgänger (#alloftheumlauts) of the exalted Stanley, but we’re not going to tease you with it — they, too, are sellouts (though they’re taking preorders). Rather than wait, you’d do well to instead consider the Rotera. Offered in 15 or 35 oz. models, this form-follows-function design doesn’t just look good: it has a retractable “twist-to-sip” straw that raises up without needing to touch the tip, sparing you whatever viral flavor of the week is getting passed around the neighborhood. Even better, its BevGard™ technology keeps those cubes solid for 24 hours or more — ice, ice, baby.

$29.99 and up at BrüMate

Porter Insulated Tumbler

Meet the Porter. It’s downright adorable, sounds like that fancy fashion delivery service, and it has all the right moves. With a vacuum-insulated, double-walled stainless steel core, this 20 oz. number has a ceramic coating that ensures its contents never touch bare metal, keeping it all tasting like it’s supposed to. A plush silicon sleeve that feels like those grippy pencils from kindergarten ensures it won’t slip out of your hands without a fight, plus it adds a bit of cushion if it ever does. Opt for the straw lid, or stick to the OG design if you’re not about that life. Also: Terrazzo.

$40.00 at w&p design

Corkcicle Cold Cup

Aside from being the most fun-on-the-tongue brand name on this list (which also sounds the most like our own), Corkcicle also makes a handsome line of 25, 30, and 40-ounce insulated straw tumblers that are easily some of the sleekest on this list. With its triple insulation, spill-proof lid, and a flexible, ceramic-coated silicone straw that bends to your needs, these bad boys understand the assignment.

$39.95 and up at Corkcicle

HydroFlask All Around Tumbler

No newcomer to the kingdom of hip travel cups, the durable, double-walled HydroFlask is something of a sport utility tumbler. It packs all the essential features: a leak-resistant flexible straw lid, ergonomic handle, and sturdy stainless steel construction, finished off with a powder coat — offered in all the fun colors you’d hope for — that keeps that condensation sweat at bay. They’re optimized to fit any cup holder, dishwasher safe, and those built-in straws are replaceable.

$34.95 (on sale) at HydroFlask

YETI Rambler

Can’t shake your crush on the classic Stanley look? YETI’s almighty 42 oz. Rambler is a formidable contender for that lovable blend of function-following form. The double-walled, dishwasher-safe straw mug also comes in smaller 35 and 25 oz. sizes, all of which are handled and cup holder compatible. We could ramble on.

$45.00 at YETI

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