This Week at Home: Garden Courtyards and Indoor Plants

With spring almost here, it’s a great time to consider new and inspired ways to bring the outside in. We have rounded up some favorite plant-related finds, including a Brazilian home with a tropical atrium, a three-starred Michelin restaurant with a new garden and courtyard, plus Ikebana-inspired planters. For additional inspiration, check out how to plant a modern garden and create a garden getaway at home.

Someone Who Inspired Us

Architect David Guerra designed this 7,500-square-foot Brazilian house to have views of plants from every room by positioning the main floor around a glass-encased courtyard with palm trees, birds of paradise and other tropical plants. “I like turning dreams into matter,” the architect writes on his website.

Check It Out

Snøhetta, in collaboration with Thomas Keller, chef-owner of The French Laundry, and Envelope A+D, has completed a major renovation the three-starred Michelin restaurant in Yountville, Calif. Besides a new annex with a test kitchen, butchery and wine cellar that can hold 15,000 bottles, the renovation also covered the courtyard and garden spaces—featuring a “dense composition of layered, swooping curves, evocative of the motions of chefs’ hands at work.” Reservations will be released on March 1.

Add It to Your Wishlist

These inspired ceramic vessels are Carolina Spencer Vivallo’s answer to the basic plant pot. The Barcelona-based former florist founded Matagalan in 2013, and produces Ikebana-inspired sculptural planters in on-trend colors like sunset pistachio and dreamy blue. “Matagalan pieces are one of a kind,” Vivallo says. “Sizes and shapes will vary a bit, but the spirit of the design will be the same.”

Know Your Stuff

Even you don’t have an indoor courtyard in your home, you can conjure the feeling. According to Architectural Digest, the best trees (and tree-like plants) to grow in your home include the bird of paradise, umbrella tree, yucca and fiddle leaf fig. See all of the site’s 15 recommendations here, as well as quick tips for how to keep each alive.

Home Goals

This exceptional compound in the heart of the Upper East Side features a 17-by-74-foot tiered garden that spans almost 2,000 square feet. The garden connects the two houses within the compound and includes such amenities as a grilling station and a heated pool. This magical outdoor space also has both Northern and Southern exposures and carefully crafted landscaping to provide a sense of serenity and privacy.

179 East 80th/166 East 81st Street is represented by Leighton Candler, Melinda Dubow, and Jennifer Reardon.

Images in order of appearance: David Guerra-designed home photographed by Jomar Bragança via Dezeen; David Guerra-designed home photographed by Jomar Bragança via Dezeen; French Laundry photos © Michael Grimm; Talisman collection via Matagalan; Bird of Paradise photo by David Axelbank from his Night Flower project.