This Week At Home: BBQ Edition

As the weather warms up, everyone’s looking outside. But if you’re not exactly happy with what you see on your back deck or patio, we can help. From tried-and-true grill recommendations to pool-inspired paintings that’ll wipe away any trace of humidity, here’s what to check out this week.

Someone Who Inspired Us

“I don’t think architecture stops with a building,” says Bay Area architect and landscape designer Mary Barensfel, who is known for bringing the outside in to create stunning spaces. “Architecture and landscape should meld into one design process.”

Know Your Stuff

Rather than risk burning a prime steak, get expert advice on finding the right grill, including the features you really need, the one thing you might forget and high-performing options at various price points.

Add It to Your Wish List

The French company Focus makes barbecues and outdoor fireplaces that are as sculptural as they are functional. Each one is handcrafted in a tiny medieval village at the foot of the Cévennes mountain range before getting shipped internationally.

Check It Out

If Slim Aarons’ subjects had a collective anxiety attack, they would probably feature into Eric Fischle’s solo show at Skarstedt Gallery in New York City. The exhibition of poolside-lounging figures with a dark, eerie edge runs until June 24. Post-show street hot dog not included.

Home Goals

73 Wooster Street, Penthouse B, is represented by Deborah Grubman, David Adler, and Paul Albano.

73 Wooster Street, opened in 1929 as a parking garage and later housed a cardboard box manufacturer, was one of the last active manufacturing sites in SoHo until the mid-1990’s. In 2004 the building was converted into four full-floor apartments and two penthouses.

The upper level of the duplex leads to a sensational private terrace. This approximately 2,300sf terrace gets phenomenal sun, and is perfect for entertaining or quiet relaxation.

Photos in order of appearance: photo by Joe Fletcher for dwell, photo via Elle Decor, photo via Focus, photo via Skarstedt Gallery.