Transform Your Home Interior With Unique Door Designs

Even with many people’s preference for open-concept living, doors can open up a range of options to define your space and add a key design element. Here are six interior door options in a range of styles:

Barn Doors Bring Outside Indoors

Sliding barn doors have been gaining in popularity over the past several years because they’re an eye-catching, yet practical way to inject some life into a room. Whether you’re choosing a clean white design or want to go with a more rustic look, they offer a fun way to bring the outside in. The added texture of wood in a room that’s got clean lines and simple design can introduce an unexpected focal point to a room. Many manufacturers allow you to purchase the door hardware and pair it with the type of wood that would best suit your interior tastes.

Where to Find: 1925 Work Bench

Turn Back The Clock

Vintage doors—whether acquired from an architectural salvage shop or designed to look like they have stood the test of time—can marry with a range of styles, from modern to cottage. Antique-styled pieces not only bring texture to your space, but offer a good talking point, too.

Where to Find: Olde Good Things

Go with Glass

Modern design allows you to incorporate different materials, and that’s the perfect reason to break away from basic white doors These tempered glass and aluminum doors let you to keep that open feel of your home and have a moving piece that can separate spaces. However, one of the biggest benefits of adding a glass door in place of a traditional one is how much light it can bring to a space. This is especially helpful if the room has small windows—or none at all—and you’re looking for ways to liven up the room.

Where to Find: Porta Pivot

Try Different Textures, Colors

Adding different textures like wallpaper, fabric, leather or studs can make your doors pop. This door has an eye-catching mix of Italian walnut and leather inserts, as well as an unexpected pop of color.

Where to Find: Euroluxe Interiors

Get Creative with Reclaimed Materials

Reclaimed wood can punch up a room, and any imperfections will stand as their own design statement.

Where to Find: Storied Boards

Play the Accordion

Accordion doors—which open by folding back or stacking their sections—can help create panoramic window walls, while providing a space-saving solution for smaller spaces.

Where to Find: LaCantina Doors

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