A Study of Space and Self: Lyn Slater

“Everything new starts here,” Lyn Slater says of New York, her favorite city and home for the past twenty-three years. In the city that never sleeps, morning brings the chance for reinvention—the anonymity of being one in eight million frees you up to try out a new sweater, style, or even sense of self.

The city’s sidewalks often serve as runways and that was where a silver-haired academic reinvented herself. Lyn Slater began to dress more daringly and found herself getting stopped repeatedly on the street by fashion-obsessed young people. Unable to find an online outlet for “urban, intellectual, artistic, older [women] who wanted not just to see an outfit, but to have a conversation about it,” Slater started her fashion blog—Accidental Icon—in the fall of 2014.

Photos and essays spotlight Slater’s urbane aesthetic and focus on the “interesting, but ordinary lives” of smart, creative, confident women exploring their personal style. Living in a cultural capital like New York, Slater finds inspiration in emerging designers, established fashion houses, and the vintage stores she trawls for signature pieces.

She’s now on the hunt for a new space and wants more than just a big closet. With her children grown, she’s able to seek a space conducive to creativity rather than motherhood. “Your living space is where you perform your life,” she says, “I want it to be open and full of possibility.” Slater explored the historical Puck penthouse with Inhabit to discuss how she got started and where she’s heading next.