Why Staging Is Key to Selling Your Home

Are you ready to sell? Staging your home can help you sell it quickly and get the highest—and best—offer. The staging process can help you create a new interior narrative for your space that will appeal to a range of potential buyers. “Sometimes, a property needs help telling its story, and that’s done through staging,” says Corcoran agent Brian Meier.



Depending on your budget, you can hire a professional stager to carry out a plan developed with your agent or do it on your own. Staging can be as extensive as bringing in a whole home full of furniture and accessories or as simple as cleaning, decluttering and rearranging your space. “There are many different levels of staging,” says Corcoran agent Cara Sadownick. “Some people want to do full-blown, all-out staging, and that’s always amazing. Other people don’t have the inclination to go all out, and we [as agents] can adapt to their needs.”

If you’re doing the staging yourself, “you can transform what you already have so it goes from really nice to spectacular,” says Corcoran agent Shii Ann Huang.

Here are some key tips:

Get Rid of Clutter

Remove mail, papers and magazines from floors, tables and desks. Put away small appliances, dishes and groceries from kitchen counters. Clear out closets so their capacity is easy to see. Pay close attention to bathrooms—remove all make-up, toiletries and cleaning products.

Rearrange the Furniture

Evaluate the layout of each room and place furniture to improve and maximize flow. You may want to remove some larger pieces, but don’t empty any room; the goal is for the dimensions of each room to be clear.

Depersonalize the Space

Once your home is re-set, put away (and possibly send to storage) family photos, toys, art and personal artifacts. You don’t want your décor to “claim” your home.

Add in Design Elements

Do, however, put in place some neutral accessories, such as a bouquet of fresh flowers in a main space, or a small collection of ceramic vessels on a mantle. The idea is to let a space’s architectural features really speak to would-be buyers. “Many sellers actually enjoy this process,” says associate agent Lesley Semmelhack, “because it offers a different take on a space they’ve lived in for years. Some say, ‘Why didn’t I already think of that?'”

Indeed, staging can turn out to be a positive for you as owner, but always keep in mind its ultimate goal: presenting your home’s best interior appearance to help the potential buyer imagine what living there would be like.

“When you’re selling a property, you’re making sure the buyer is comfortable living inside the property,” Meier says. “Staging is a key tool for that.”