Meet the Agent: Vickey Barron

“My motto is ‘don’t let the static interfere with your music’,” says Vickey Barron, whose march-to-the-beat-of-your-own-drum mentality has served her well in the real estate business. Known for her calm confidence and composure and signature Southern California-bred optimism, Barron has made a name for herself.

Barron joined the Corcoran team as an associate broker earlier this summer, bringing with her nearly 20 years of experience and an impressive CV that includes the landmark sale of the penthouse at Walker Tower, one of Manhattan’s most sought-after Art Deco residences.

This top agent shared details about some of her most memorable deals, her love of interior design and emphasis on the personal touch in real estate.

INHABIT: How did Manhattan become your home base?

VB: I was born on the East Coast, raised in southern California and came to New York in 1999 with my then-husband, who was relocated for a job. We thought we were going to be here for two years and that was 18 years ago.

INHABIT: Where did you get your start in the real estate business?

VB: I purchased my first property at the age of 20 and bought and sold about 10 by the age of 35. Everyone told me I should go into real estate, but I was working in the healthcare industry and loved what I was doing. Then I relocated to New York and I thought what better way to learn the city than to have my real estate license. Converting For Sale By Owners was my ticket and through my casual, SoCal style of simply being conversational in an honest way, I converted them very easily. This contributed to me receiving Rookie of the Year.

INHABIT: Why have you chosen to work in Manhattan and in new development?

VB: The energy, diversity, and creativity makes Manhattan a perfect platform to sell real estate. It is a city of abundance, I just wish there were more hours in a day.

New development is a tough arena right now. It’s hard work, a big commitment and the developers are under a lot of pressure—this is not a platform for everyone. I only work on a new development when I trust and believe in a developer and enjoy helping them get the finish line with success. I guess I work well under pressure.

INHABIT: Is there a particular motto or saying that you think encompasses your professional style?

“Take care of people and they will take care of you.”

When you are focused on helping others and not the commission check, you build trust and a following. This is not just with buyers and sellers but also broker-to-broker.

INHABIT: Are there any specific sales that you think have helped to define your career in real estate?

Years ago, I decided I wanted to sell townhouses and I created unique custom townhouse books for each property. Through that effort, the perception became I was the go-to broker on townhouses. That was fun for me at the time because it was a different lane and skill set than selling apartments. The second milestone was breaking the downtown record by selling the penthouse at Walker Tower for $50.9 million in 2013. It, along with other sales in the building, brought a lot of attention and credibility.

INHABIT: Aside from real estate, what are some of your interests?

Shocking as it may be to some, there is a real domestic side to me. I very much enjoy interior design, whether it’s in my home or helping others in theirs. I love to cook, and I love to sew.

INHABIT: Where in the city do you live?

I live right next to Corcoran Chelsea. I was drawn to the neighborhood due to Walker Tower. I spent four years working on the development and in that time fell in love not only with the project but also with the surrounding neighborhood.

INHABIT: Can you describe your personal interior design aesthetic?

VB: Sophisticated without being stuffy. I like clean lines with natural fibers and textiles are very important to me. I tend to shy away from anything shiny and stay neutral and infuse color through art and flowers. I also pull design inspiration from a number of different eras. For example, I might have a Knoll Planters table with a white marble top and on it I’ll have an old historic wood box and a sculpture that was found buried in the dirt behind a townhouse in the West Village.

INHABIT: Finish this statement: ‘If I didn’t live in New York City, I’d live…’

VB: Cape May and ride my bike through the historical quaint beach town. I recently renovated a historic Edwardian house on Jackson Street, where on my off-time I enjoy sitting on my porch.

INHABIT: Please complete the following sentence: “My home wouldn’t be home without…”

VB: …my family.